Gifts from the hotel association to needy members

Supporting community

The association implements two supportive communities:
     # One community for every senior
     # One community for the immigrants from the former Soviet Union
     # Community father 1: Ovadia Shalom
     # Community father 2: Nicolay Kuznetsov

The supportive community provides the seniors who are affiliated with it:

              ALL THE SERVICES IN ONE PLACE!!!!!
         claim conference victimes of nazisme,
        single- 100 shekels, couple- 125 shekels.

     # Security and supervision 24 hours a day, in the senior's home,         through the "Help Needed" office of Yad Sarah
     # Medical attention for the nominal price of 25 NIS
     # Maintenance and simple household repairs by the Community father
     # A hot lunch and laundry service to the house can be ordered for a         modest fee.
     # Social activities both in the center and outside of it
     # The program is with the assistance of the Municipality of Eilat and         the Division of Social Services, the Ministry of Welfare and Eshel
     # A discount is possible with referral from the Division of Social         Services

Pictures of members

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