New Day Care Building under construction

The new Daycare Center - is open now

The opening of the New daycare center took place on the 17th of May 2009 it was built through the auspices of Eshel, Mifal HaPayis, The social security, National Insurance and Claims Conference and the Municipality of Eilat.

The new center is located next to the Yotam nursery, adjacent to the Yoseftal Hospital It will replace the existing center and will include all of the same components. In addition, there will be a gym and a sauna. A treatment pool is planned to be completed at a later stage.

The new center is modern, large and elegant. The cafeteria in the lobby will be able to provide the retiree with simple breakfasts, coffee and cake, a place to meet and chat with friends.

There will be a beauty center operating several times a week

The new center will serve as a local point:

     # Attracting seniors from every level of the community
     # With a welcoming smile, a magical touch and an accepting ear
     # We have the ability to work wonders
     # To give and to impart and to arouse a hearty smile
     # For the good will and the encouragement

We will work together in our new home: management, employees and volunteers, helpers and members like one, big, united family.

Mr Moyal Charly G.M.
Cornerstone of the new day care center club
Mayor of Eilat Mr.Halevi Signing the Scroll

Mr Katz Chairman Signing the Scroll

Mr Kadosh Ex-Mayor signing the scroll
Chef Rabbies of Eilat Mr. Hadaya & Hecht signing the scroll

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