Daycare Center: Representative of "Mall Hayam", who participated together with the Dov Sofer b.m. Foundation at the donation of a car for the handicapped

Workshop at the center

Playing cards at the Club

Party at the 60+ Club

Special car for the transportation of Club-members in wheelchairs

Car for the handicapped

"Daycare Center"

General Manager of the Daycare Center: Charlie Moyal

Did you know that there is a day treatment center in Eilat for seniors?


Transportation The vehicle picks up the clients from their homes and brings them to the center in the morning and returns them at noontime. The transportation is suited to the individual clients and their special needs (ie. wheelchairs, etc.)

Meals Breakfast and lunch, cooked on the premises, are served at the center. The varied meals are cooked daily, including attention to special dietary needs ( ie. salt free, fat free, diabetic).

Professional Caregivers
Physical therapy Treatments are provided, by a certified physiotherapist, for the rehabilitation of the physical functions of the client or for their maintenance

Speech therapy A certified speech therapist, a graduate of Beit Levinstein Rehabilitation Hospital, diagnoses and treats problems with speech, language, hearing and memory.

Social worker She provides assistance in dealing with rights in Bituach Leumi, social services and more; individual conversations with the client and house calls.

Registered nurse A personal follow-up is conducted including checking blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar and weight; instruction on health improvement and maintenance.

There are groups conducted by professional instructors in the following areas:

     # Exercises for optimizing and strengthening the stomach muscles
     # Pilates
     # Bone building exercises
     # Jewelry making
     # Ceramics
     # Drawing
     # Flower arrangement
     # Computer skills
     # Beauty parlor
     # Bible class
     # Pedicure - manicure
     # Cosmetician
     # Library

Social director/Manager of the association's activities

At the daycare center we celebrate the clients' birthdays, with the families. We organize trips, 'fun' days in Eilat and else where, holidays are celebrated in the center, generally with the participation of guest performers. There are activities with grandchildren and great grandchildren, soldiers, pupils, kindergardeners, lecture and various workshops.


Expenses are covered by Kupat Holim (HMO), Social Services and Bituah Leumi. The cost to the client is dependent on his personal economic status and the approval of the committee.


Referrals to the center are made through Kupat Holim (HMO), Social Services and Bituah Leumi, as well as privately. A trial visit (at no charge) can be arranged by calling 08-6374064.

Looking forward to seeing you,
The Staff of the Day-Care Center

Pictures of the opening ceremony with the general manager of mifal hapaiss Mr. Shaul Soutnik.

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