CLUB +60

Manager of the club - Ms. Shosh Zion

Days: Sun. - Thurs. from 15:00 - 19:00

There is the occasional Kabbalat Shabbat on Fri. with dinner,
and occasionally there is activity on Sat. evening.

The members of the 60+ Club enjoy a wide variety of activities: Playing bridge, various arts - and craft groups, including
staind glass, exercises: Pilatus and Feldenkreis, lectures about tradition and Judism, workshops for the entire family:
club-members, their children, their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Organised outing, vacations in hotels, birthday parties,
Kabbalat Shabbat with dinner, as well as cultural events on the Eve of Holidays, dancing to the music of the Sixties and modern times.

                    Activities pictures at the 60+
                         And outside the club                                                 

Press the botton and open the gallery:
1. Pictures of the opening ceremony with the general manager of mifal hapaiss Mr. Shaul Soutnik

2. On Friday's eve of SOUKKOT a dancing, dinner was taking place are the 60+.

   Thanks to ISROTEL chain and hotel SPORT EILAT.

3. Toast New Year 2010

4. Event to mark 10 years of alliance between the Association for the Elderly in Eilat

   and Eilat Shalom Kamen Association

5. Citizen veteran Week

6. Holocaust Survivors Event

7. Purim party with costumes at the +60 Club / Center

8. Raise of a glass for Passover at the 60+ on the 4th of April with Mr. Meir Yitzhak Halevy, mayor of Eilat

10. Pictures of events of the elderly week of the year 27-30.11.2011

11. Family event at the 60+ on the 23.2.2012

12. Pourims party at the garden of king salomon

13. Rising a glass of wine on the 60+ club with the mayor of the town Mr Halev Monday 26/8/2013ion

14. Old age week 2013, Eilat

15. Working with classes in school Eilat

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