General Manager Charly Moyal at the renewal of the Garden presented by the Eilat Rotary Club

Gady Katz chairman of the board


The association was established in 1980 and at that time operated
solely as a social club (60+) in the afternoon. In 1989, when
the daycare center was established, the operations of the
treatment center, the senior workshop and the laundry for the
elderly began operating during the morning hours, from Sun.
through Fri., as well. Since then, the association has
expanded its activities and treatments and there is presently
a new center under construction next to the Yoseftal Hospital.

The association conducts a wide variety of activities: theater,
special events, trips, vacations, the annual "Senior Week",
lectures on a range of topics including religion and tradition
with the participation of the seniors themselves as well as
visiting artists. All of the activities are jointly held with the
other senior clubs from the Matnas as well as interested,
unaffiliated seniors.

Annually, with the assistance of donors, the association visits
the homes of the elderly to repair their desert coolers, fix peepholes
in doors and so on. In addition, the 'community fathers' and the
support community make small repairs in the apartments, such as:
problems with faucets, small electrical problems.
The association attends to collecting furniture and second
hand clothing in good condition to distribute to needy seniors

There is the senior laundry, including delivery of the laundry
to the home, all at a nominal cost. The association enlists
food suppliers and in cooperation with the Social Services
Department of the Eilat Municipality, distributes food to needy
seniors once a week, with the assistance of Mr. Peretz Hurshati
of the Senior Workshop. Additionally, the association distributes
hot meals to homes for a nominal price.

A former Chairman M. Ken Zipor b.m.                                  Opening of the old day care center at 1989                                  

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