A little bit about us

You've decided to take some time off and come to Eilat, but you don't know what to do with your "children'? As owners of cats and dogs you probably know that they need your devoted care, your patting hand that feeds and hugs and a "babysitter" that replaces you in a case of need. As children, dogs and cats can't stay home alone without supervision. Finding an arrangement for them is recommended, which will allow you to enjoy your holiday with a quiet heart. That's what we are here for! "Limor Cohen's Pets Resort", a five star hotel for cats and dogs.
We believe that love for pets is the first condition to work with us. Yu can be sure that your cats or dogs are at the best care, as soon as you will notice all details made to benefit with your pets and make their time enjoyable.

At "Limor Cohen's Pets Resort" 29 air conditioned rooms are waiting, different sized, well equipped with wooden dog houses. There are two large opened spaced shaded floors built for physical excise and for long walks, non-stop food, especially for the pets needs.
The pets are followed all day long by the staff and enjoy veterinarian supervision.

Dogs must be Rabbis amunned and have the propper documents. Make sure that they are treated for pests.

For special pampering, we offer special "extra" menu that include: special treatment for pests, showers and haircuts and a transportation to visit at the owner's hotel. Owners are welcome to visit, but a little warning, after seeing the excellent conditions we provide for your pet, we do not have a spare room for you.

Limor Cohen's Pets Resort"
Opening hours
Sun-Fri: 9:30-10:30 / 18:00-19:00

Yigal: 050-8916916   08-6342476   Industrial area Shchoret, Eilat.
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